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Vega Taps

For over 20 years, the Vega Tap name has been one and the same with quality and reliability in the area of high performance tapping. Our unique geometry, consistent quality and excellent tool life have provided our customers with optimal performance and reliability with their tapping operations.

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Hitachi Tool Engineering

As the sole manufacturer among the Hitachi Group companies, Hitachi Tool Engineering is the leader and enjoys the top market share for End Mill cutting tools in Japan. A producer of high-performance cutting tools, Hitachi Tool Engineering utilizes the latest in coating technology with advanced engineering, defining solutions for difficult applications:

HDMF H - Hard Milling (up to 70 HRC)
D - Deep Milling (up to 30 times Diameter)
M - Micro Machining (tool diameter 0.1mm or .005”)
F - High Feed Milling (up to 800 IPM)

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US Union Tool

Since 1960, Union Tool has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of ultra precise, high performance cutting tools. The Unimax line of metal cutting end mills and drills is a class leader in many applications and has become "The Cutting Tool of Choice, for the Performance you Demand".

  • The HardMax End Mill Series for Hard Milling application from 50Hrc to 68Hrc.
  • The UT Coat End Mill series is perfect for medium hard steels, alloys and general machining.
  • Diamond coated tools for Graphite and Composites, offer class leading tolerances, with longer life.
  • The DUC series is a PCD tipped drill for precious metals, crystal or rare earth materials.

  • An extensive range of drills both coated and uncoated provide micro-drilling users with unrivaled choice of diameters; aspect ratios and performance. “Ask our sales partner if Unimax is right for you...."

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    Minitor Company

    Offering a variety of choices with Minimo One Series hand tools and power tools and Sentan Tool insertable tools, Minitor Company leads the way with it’s offering of electrical and ultrasonic precision power tools for polishing, finishing and grinding applications. With a wide selection of various types and styles of hand pieces within eight product groups along with 4 power pack choices and over 5,000 hand and insertable tools. There is no polishing, finishing or grinding job that cannot be more effectively or precisely accomplished when using Minitor Company products.

    SFIDA electric powered brushless motor spindles from Minitor Company offering both Straight and Tapered Spindles from 5,000 to 60,000 RPM. Featuring all-in-one body, high-power & high-speed rotation with highly durable ceramic bearings. CNC and manual applications.

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    Offering CBN end mills for the direct cutting of high-hard steel (greater than 60 HRC) testing has shown that performance is better and cutting speed is higher than ordinary carbide enhanced end mills. Kyowa Attacksmith CBN end mills will provide you with a distinct advantage.

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