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Industrial Supplies

Amano Corporation

Since 1951 Amano has been providing environmental solutions that improve the workplace. With a product offering which includes oil and water soluble mist collectors, standard dust collectors and large scale dust collection systems, Amano promotes a business future for environmental preservation and improvement.
Offering the metal cutting industry a proven mist collector with a filtration system, Amano has introduced its first filter-less mist collection system.
For the industrial manufacturing business, see the full product offering of Amano dust collection systems.

Amano Filtration Mist Collector         Amano Filterless Mist Collector            Amano Dust Collector


PROVIDING SOLUTIONS TO MOVE THE WORLD is the mission of leading caster manufacturer NANSIN, by simply believing that the fundamental purpose of a caster is to move heavy loads using little effort. Since 1932, NANSIN has been dedicated to the manufacturing of quality casters, wheels, hand-trucks and dollies. In choosing NANSIN hand-trucks and dollies, you will discover how smooth and trouble free your caster-wheel equipment will operate…choose NANSIN for durability and reliability.

Nansin Silent Master


With a brand policy that “safety is based on advanced technologies”, Tohnichi has over 60 years of providing high-quality torque products and technical services. Offering a product line-up of torque wrenches, torques drivers and torque measuring instruments, Tohnichi should be your torque partner.

Tonichi Product Catalog

SONY Screw Feeders

For over 30 years, Sony Manufacturing Systems strives to design and develop manufacturing equipment and devices to aid technology advances in a variety of industries like consumer electronics, surface mount and medical to name a few. With a small footprint and efficiency in design, the Sony FeedKids are screw presenters for the automation work centers making the assembly process more efficient.

Sony Screw Feeders Catalog                 Sony Screw Feeders Operating Manual

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